Day 43: Fair Grove to Ash Grove

I overslept this morning and woke up at 6:15 AM. I blame the bed because it's so comfy. After eating a cup of yogurt with some blueberries, along with a clementine, I packed everything and said my goodbyes to Jay and Kelly.

I started riding at 7 AM and saw a few turtles on the road. I regret not doing my turtle duty and I was going downhills when I saw them. I hope they are able to cross the street safely. There have been roadkills everyday since I've been riding. I hope these unfortunate animals went to animal heaven. I wondered if there will be more of them as I go west.

In the town of Fair Grove, I stopped by a convenience store to get a donut. I need to eat two breakfasts since most of my riding are done before noon.

There weren't many big hills but there were surely many small ones. I was still lethargic from last night's sleep. Luckily, I'm only going to ride about 37 miles today.

At 10 AM, I stopped by another convenience store. This time I pigged out and ate two ice cream bars and two bags of potato chips. This was my third breakfast! Shortly after, I rode into the town of Walnut Grove.

I had the lunch special at a restaurant called Chuck Dinesty. The cashew chicken over rice hit the spot. I had to take a nap after eating. I'm sure the other patrons were thinking, "What's wrong with this guy?"

Towns in Missouri are proud of their sport accomplishments

This meal knocked me out!

After regaining my energy, I pedaled to Ash Grove in about an hour. There's a city park here that I can camp at. But it's only 2 PM right now. The weather forecast indicated rain in the afternoon. I plan on staying at the local library then visit the city hall for permission to camp at the park.

The rolling hills toward Ash Grove