Day 40: Ellington to Summersville

This morning I awoke at 4:30. I donated $10 to the hostel before riding my bike to the only café in town, the Vintage Market Café. I chatted with three locals named Jeff, Richard, and Rick. Rick asked me if I carried a gun. I said I didn't. He was surprised. I guess he has a hard time trusting people. These three locals informed me that there will be a lot of log trucks on the road and some hills. That's the last thing I want to hear. After eating two eggs, a pancake, two sausages, and hash browns, along with some coffee, I started riding around 6:45 AM.

The Vintage Market Café

Thick fog in the morning

There was a thick fog covering the landscape. I did see some log trucks and there were definitely a lot of hills. Around 10 AM, I arrived in Eminence. I stopped by the post office to send back my old panniers and other small things that I didn't need. I also gave the bullet that Jacob gave to Crispin to the post office worker since he said he has a gun that takes that size bullet.

On turtle duty again

Downtown Eminence

After the post office, I tried to go to the library to print out more business cards. Unfortunately, the library was closed. I ended up having a Philly cheese steak and fries at Margie's Place, a local bar and restaurant.

I had about 19 miles to Summersville. On the way there I saw a visitor center for the Ozark National Scenic Riverways. I stopped to check it out. The ranger told me the visitor center is closed until Memorial Day but I could come inside to take a look and fill my water bottles. I was very grateful. He also told me to check out the spring and the barn not far down the road. So I did.

The red barn next to the spring is like something out of a painting. Imagine living next to a spring! I just hope the water doesn't overflow and flood the barn. I talked with a couple of folks there, told them about my trip. Like everyone else I've talked to, they were excited to hear about my adventures.

Red Barn and spring by the visitor center for the Ozark mountains

After a few more hills, with one that I rode down with a speed of 41.4 mph, I arrived in Summersville. The first thing I did was to visit the local library. The librarian, Kathie, helped me get on a computer so I was able to print out more business cards. After cutting them out I handed one to her. Kathie taped it to the library's bikers log book, and I will forever be remembered.

I thought about keep going to Houston, but after eating some chicken strips and a fried burrito at the gas station convenience store, I was too tired to go on. When I asked someone at the city hall about a place to camp, I was informed of a park behind a motel. I guess I'll be camping out there tonight.

Veterans memorial at Summerville

I also went to the local hardware store to get a bolt and a screw for the bike mirror I had bought in Farmington. The mirror fell off my bike when I was riding. After a bit of searching, the store owner was able to fix my mirror with a new bolt. It's now better than new!

Right now I'm at the library again, using the internet to type up my blog. Not sure if I'll get better cell phone signal as I go west. I'll have to see as I go.