Day 3: Lancaster

I decided to stay in Lancaster for the next few days. The main reason is the rain today and tomorrow. Amelia, and the rest of her family, were very gracious and allowed me to stay until Monday or Tuesday. The rain is supposed to stop on Monday afternoon, if it ends early then I’ll ride to York.

It was a beautiful day yesterday. He sun was beaming at 86 degrees. In the morning, Amelia’s sister, Briege, and her boyfriend Aaron, made some ham and egg sandwiches. With a cup of coffee, they were just what I needed.

Left to right: Jacqueline, Aaron, Briege, Amelia

I then walked a few blocks to the post office to send home my old pair of sunglasses and my earbuds, which I don't think I'll ever use since I like the sounds of the road.

At the Lancaster Central Market, there were a lot of vendors. I was going to buy some fish for dinner but they were too expensive. Instead, I bought some apricot tea for Amelia and her siblings. After dropping by the visitor center to pick up a map, I went back to Amelia’s.

Lancaster Central Market

Realizing that there wasn’t much to do and the weather is so nice, I went back out again. This time, I stopped by Silantra, an Asian restaurant. The staff were very nice and hooked me up with a fat wrap. Afterwards, I went to the public library.

I logged on to the library computer and searched about the headwinds on the TransAmerica Trail that I’ve been hearing about. As it turned out, some people say the headwind is not so bad. It's always good to read about both sides of the situation. I think I will still go west from Virginia then. I also took the time to print out some business cards that has my name, website, and email so I can share them with the people I meet.

Still a little bored, I browsed a book called Essentialism by Greg McKeown. It’s a book I’ve seen before. It talks about doing less and better rather than doing everything at once. Something I definitely agree with.

After spending about an hour and half at the library, I took a short walk to Musser Park, where I bought an ice cream cone from an ice cream truck. The ice cream man overcharged me and his hands were dirty from touching the engine of his truck just a little while ago. I decided not to say anything and took the ice cream cone. Maybe I should have. Sometimes I regret the decisions I make. Will the next customer eat a dirty ice cream cone? Could I have stopped it? Maybe I really should have said something.

This reminded me an event that happened a few weeks ago at the medical clinic where I was waiting to see the doctor about the results of my bloodwork. A man in the waiting room was complaining loudly to another man about how the kids at Stoneman Douglas High School should keep their mouths shut and not tell adults what they should do with their guns. I was angry and wanted to say that it's the adults who didn't do anything to restrict guns that we have so many gun violence in America, now it's up to the kids to do what the adults didn't do. Instead, I kept my mouth shut and my anger inside. Looking back, I wish I had said something. Because that man would probably never change his position on gun control if no one stood up and provided another viewpoint.

Just chilling in the park was great, but I felt really hot even after eating an ice cream cone. As I was walking back to Amelia’s, I saw her and her sister. They invited me to go to a park where they’ll put up some hammocks. What a great idea! I jumped on board right away.

The park is called Long’s Park. I met Amelia’s boyfriend, Carlos. A really cool guy who actually knows some Mandarin Chinese since he studied in Beijing for a year. The four of us just relaxed on the hammocks for awhile. I felt very lucky to be on my trip and meeting these great people.

Long's Park

When we got back to the apartment, I went to eat some noodles at Noodle King, about a block away. When I came back Briege asked me if I wanted to go see her friends, Bill and Tracy. I said sure! I try to always meet new people and say yes to new experiences.

Bill and Tracy are wonderful people. Bill went to Hong Kong during the Vietnam War. He is also very handy and built a pond, a garden, a patio with a fireplace, and a garage behind his house. I’m always impressed by people like Bill, who seemed to do anything.

Later, Amelia and Carlos showed up. We all talked deep into the night, eating peanuts and enjoying the fireplace. Briege had to go home early, so I went home with Amelia and Carlos. I went to bed at around 11:45 PM last night. It was a day well spent.

Left to right: Bill, Amelia, Carlos, Tracy