Day 12: Fredericksburg to Doswell

I went to bed at 8 PM last night, so I woke up early at 5 AM. I had plenty of sleep but I realized I had set up my tent in the wrong direction since there was a little hill. Note to self, make sure to set up the tent perpendicular to the hill so I don’t roll down!

I used Yelp to find a café that’s open at this time of the night, luckily there is one called 25-30 Espresso that opened at 4:30 AM. I rode my bike over there in the dark without many cars at all on the road.

This coffee shop is conveniently located by the train station. I’m guessing that’s the reason for a 4:30 opening. There were a lot of customers, too! I ordered a cup of coffee and a ham and cheese croissant sandwich and waited until the sunrise.

25-30 Espresso café

Sunrise over Fredericksburg

I started riding at 7 AM from the coffee shop. I noticed there were a lot of pickup trucks in Virginia. This must mean the country is beginning to become more rural. As I followed the route on my GPS, I came to some construction. There was no way to go through so I had to go around. I detoured for about three miles.

Road blocked

The roads barely had any cars. With the smooth pavement and the nice flat road, I was able to cover a lot of distance in a short amount of time. For awhile, I averaged 12 miles per hour!

Even though I was making good speed, I passed by zero café shops, grocery stores, or restaurants. It was 12:30 PM and I was hungry. I had to rely on my dried fruits and granola bars. I was also low on water. I stopped by a church and I tired all the doors to the building but all of them were locked, even though there were two cars parked outside. Then a lady came out from a different building and showed me the water fountain. She didn’t ask me about lunch but at least I refilled my water bottles.

Today, I rode over 52 miles, finally breaking the 50 mile barrier. My destination was Kathleen and Dave’s place in Doswell. I found them on Warmshowers as usual. I arrived a little after 2 PM. I guess I could have ridden more, but since I had requested to stay at their place I stopped for the day.

After meeting Dave, as he was about to go get his bikes tuned up, I met Kathleen. Both of them have done extensive traveling. I took a much needed shower and organized my things. I want to send back my pants because Adrian had given me his. Since it can unzip to become shorts I find them to be a much needed convenience in hotter weather.

When Dave came back, the three of us chatted about traveling, family, and Buddhism over a bowl of guacamole and pistachios. Dave is a retired social worker and Kathleen was a nun. I asked them what’s one piece of advice that they would give to a young person like me. It's a question that I wanted to ask Sue and Mark because older people tend to be wiser. Dave and Kathleen told me to do what you love and live modestly.

Kathleen and Dave

For dinner, we had spinach and rice casserole, along with green beans and bread. And for dessert, we had brownies with ice cream. Soon after eating, I was tired and retreated back to the bedroom and called it a night.