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It's been almost four months since I ended my bicycle trip from Conshohocken, PA, to San Francisco, CA. The trip had a profound impact on me by making me realize that we Americans have more in common than we are different. And it's not just Americans, it's people of all kinds. It affirmed my dad's advice that 99.9% of the people in this world are good. He first told me that in 2003, right before I embarked on a solo bus trip around the US. This time it was no different.

I first had the idea of turning my blog posts into a book not long after I started my trip. When the trip ended I was feeling a bit down. How can I not after coming back from a great adventure? So I took some time to rest, applied to some web development positions, and stayed at my parents' house in Pittsburgh for about a month and half.

Now time has flashed to the beginning of November. Midterm election is tomorrow, which is an important event. So is every election, I suppose. But November is also …

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