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Day 46: Chanute to Eureka

This morning at Rick’s, I had a bagel and fruits for breakfast, along with a cup of coffee. Soon after, I packed my bike and said my goodbye to Rick.(The flat road and the repeatative scenery of Kansas)

There was no food places for 42 miles. Either the map was wrong about a convenience store or the restaurant was closed due to Memorial Day weekend. I saw another cyclist coming my way and we stopped to chat. His name is Jeff and he’s coming from Boulder, Colorado, going to Virginia. He had a trailer attached to his bike. This just shows how each biker has his or her own setup.(Jeff, going to Virginia)

Further down the road, I can’t believe my eyes when I saw a convenience store. There were three Japanese bikers standing by the store. They didn’t talk much. Maybe they were tired. The only information I got out of them are their names and their origin and destination. They came from Los Angeles and they are headed to New York City.(More shenanigans)
(Taira, Hisashi, and Kazuma)

The owner of …

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