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Day 68: Monticello to Blanding

After having a cup of coffee and more conversations at Noah and Karinne's house, Kevin, James, and I prepared our bikes and went to The Peace Tree for breakfast. We had a good meal, but I wished my portion was a bit more.
(Enjoying breakfast with Kevin and James)

We stopped by Blue Mountain grocery store after breakfast. I thought I needed more food supplies, but I decided not to get anything since I had gotten some ramen yesterday. Kevin usually cooks his own meals so he bought a lot of things. His bike is packed with front and back panniers, whereas Kevin and I only have back panniers.

I contacted Sarah and she's on her way to Monticello, then to Blanding. She will ride with her other cyclist friend, John, to Natural Bridges Campground this afternoon. I told her I will meet her in Blanding.

At the main intersection in Monticello, I said my goodbyes to Kevin and James. I rode and walked a few hills before seeing Sarah behind me. She told me John is at the Homestead Steak House in…

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