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Day 37: Murphysboro to Chester

After I finished writing my blog post this morning, Joe made bacon and scrambled eggs for Crispin and I. Joe was actually a winner for a cooking show on The Food Network. Naturally, he made a great breakfast.
We packed up our panniers soon after the meal and decided to ride the alternate levee route that Joe described to us last night. It had rained overnight and was still drizzling. Luckily, the road was mostly flat.

(Yes to the flat road!)
When we were taking a water break on the side of the road, a pickup truck from the other side stopped next to us. The driver was an 84 year old man named Willard. At first, he asked about our trip and where we are going, then the conversation turned sour when he told us that Jesus is the only way and Islam is a fake religion and shouldn’t be in the US. I wasn’t going to debate with him on the side of the road, but if we were in a restaurant sitting side to side, like the time I chatted with Jim in Boonville, KY, then I would have. This time Crispin s…

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