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Day 67: Dove Creek to Monticello, UT

I’ve noticed on my trip that the weather forecast is only right about half of the time. The joke is that the weatherman is the only profession that can be wrong and still get a promotion. I took a risk and started riding at 8:30 AM yesterday from Dove Creek since I had a 50% chance of getting wet.(Chance of rain: 50%)

As I was passing through town, I decided to eat a proper breakfast, so I stopped at the Dinner Bell, which is across the street from Gregg’s church. I had my favorite western omelette. Soon after I started riding the 25 or so miles to Monticello, Utah.(My favorite, western omelette)

As soon as I made it to Utah the road became bumpier and there was the rumple strip. I waved at some oncoming cars since a few of them actually beeped at me. There wasn’t much hills so the ride was nice and the weather was cooler in the morning. I arrived into town around noon.
(Welcome to Utah!)

(Entering Monticello)
I saw a Family Dollar, so I bought a pack of five ramen noodles. I will be needi…

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