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Days 93 and 94: Gardnerville to Silver Lake, CA, then to Plymouth

Two days ago in Gardnerville, David drove me to Walmart so I can buy a pair of swim trunks. I had a meatball sandwich at the Subway inside the Walmart. David bought some ingredients, so I can make omelettes the next morning before the ride. Then we went to David’s father’s house where David had some business to discuss with him. I was so tired that I took a nap on the couch. Afterward, I drove David’s Suburu while he drove his truck to fill it with water at a water station, so he can water his trees at one of his properties.

When we finally got back to David’s house, we decided to visit a hot spring in Markleeville. Unfortunately, it was closed for the day due to some problem with the water pump. We ended up stopping at a reservoir. On our way back, we stopped by a convenience store in Woodfords to get some ice cream. David also paid for some popcorn and some snacks.(The reservoir)
It was a long day. By the time we arrived home I only helped David with his Gmail account. Judy and Davi…

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